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Manhattan. Grackle bathing.

Manhattan. House sparrows bathing.

Manhattan. Painted Skimmer.

Manhattan. Blue Dasher.

Manhattan. Eastern Pondhawk.

Manhattan. Calico Pennant.

Manhattan. Twelve-spotted skimmer.

Manhattan. Green Darner.

Manhattan. Ebony Jewelwing.

Manhattan. Eastern Amberwing.

Manhattan. Central Park bird feeders.

Manhattan. House finch feeds on suet.

Manhattan. Dark-eyed Junco at feeders.

Manhattan. White-breasted Nuthatch feeds on suet.

Manhattan. Goldfinches, Red-winged Blackbirds & Pine Warbler.

Monarch Butterfly. Manhattan.

Question Mark. Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan.

Black-throated Blue Warbler.

American Redstart .

Northern Waterthrush.

Virginia Bluebells.

Red-bellied Woodpecker, Manhattan

Common Grackle, Manhattan

CUNY students feeding wild birds in Inwood Park, Manhattan

Stunned Nashville Warbler. Manhattan

Blizzard of 06. Manhattan

Central Park feeders.
The Ramble. Manhattan


Male Cardinal. Manhattan

Female Cardinal. Manhattan

Male Cardinal. Manhattan

Male Cardinal. Manhattan

Birds of a feather. Hooded Mergansers in Central Park.

Divers, dabblers and a bevy of beaks. The Ducks of Central Park.

Divers, dabblers and bevy of bills (part 2). Central Park

On Mallard Lake. Central Park

Muck-raking - an adaptation. Central Park

Stifftail from the Pothole. Central Park

As cool as a coot ? Central Park

Courtship interruptus

Night and day. Central Park. 24 hours in the life of a duck.

Off to bed, on a raft of feathers. Central Park

American Lady, Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx.

Great-spangled Fritillary. Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx.

Banded Hairstreak. Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx.

Dutchman's Breeches. Bronx.

Trout Lily. Bronx.

The Other Half, Bronx

Why Salt Marshes Matter. Pelham Bay Park, Bronx

Escargots: not just for the French! Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx

White Footed Mouse,
New York Botanical Gardens

White Footed Mouse,
New York Botanical Gardens

Mugwort, Pelham Bay Park

Dutchman's Breeches
(Pelham Bay Park, Spring)

Monarch Butterfly
(Pelham Bay Park, September)

Brown snake
(Banks of the Bronx River)

(Pelham Bay Park)

Red-eared Sliders
(Van Cortlandt Park)

Geometrid Moth
(Pelham Bay salt marshes)

Although the entrance to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is in Queens, many of the videos here were shot on the Brooklyn side of the Bay.

Aphrodite Fritillary
Floyd Bennett Field. Brooklyn.

Black and White Warbler. Botanical Garden. Brooklyn.

Honey Bee.
Botanical Garden. Brooklyn.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Redefining the 'Bird brain", Brooklyn

Anyone for tennis ?, Brooklyn

Garbage order, Brooklyn

Autumn Medley. Brooklyn & Manhattan

A Salad Bar for Brant Geese. Coney Island, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Boogie. Coney Island, Brooklyn

The Bumble Bee and the Rugosa Rose, Jamaica Bay

Lady Bugs,
Jamaica Bay

Rat in a Mulberry Tree,
Jamaica Bay

Lone female Horseshoe Crab (Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, June)

Female Horseshoe Crab
(Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, June)

Mating Male and female Horseshoe Crabs (Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, June)

View of Runway at Kennedy Airport from Jamaica Bay

Osprey (Jamaica Bay, 2004)

Osprey (Jamaica Bay, 2004)

Forest Park. Queens. Robin bathing.

Forest Park. Queens. Female Cardinal bathing.

Forest Park. Queens. Blue Jay bathing.

Forest Park. Queens. Neotropical migrants.

Cabbage Whites, Forest Park, Queens.

Red-spotted Purple. Fort Tilden, Queens.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Scarlet Tanager.

Baltimore Oriole.

Magnolia Warbler.

Blackpoll Warbler.

Parula Warbler.

Chestnut-sided Warbler.

Wilson's Warbler.

Great Horned Owl.

Young Indigo Bunting
Clams, critters and the wildest nature in NYC. Queens

"Bioaccumulation", Queens

Land bird eats ocean fish, Queens

Local wetlands take a Swan dive, Queens

High School Watch, Queens

Fall shorebird migration, at Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge. Queens. (Episode 1)

Shorebird migration, at Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge. Queens. (Episode 2)

Shorebird migration, at Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge. Queens (Episode 3)

Shorebird migration, at Jamaica Bay Wildlife refuge. Queens (Episode 4)

Tent Caterpillars, Forest Park

Plankton, Flushing Meadow

Softshell Turtle, Flushing Fish Market

Snowy egret
(Flushing Meadow, Corona Park)

Mallards (Forest Park, Spring)

Fish markets in Flushing

Fish markets in Flushing

Fish markets in Flushing

Between Hunger and Fear, Manhattan

Autumn Medley. Brooklyn & Manhattan

Fall of the Monarch. Battery Park, Manhattan

Late Summer Dragons. Midtown Manhattan

Project Safe Flight. World Financial Center, Manhattan

"Mannahatta": the island of many hills, Manhattan

House Finch, Midtown

Potato Beetle
Central Park

Pokeweed, Inwood

Peregrine Falcon
(55 Water Street, June)

Peregrine Falcon
(55 Water Street, June,)

Nest of an American Robin
(Central Park, June)

Common Yellowthroat Warbler (Central Park, May)

Black crowned Night Heron
(Central Park, Spring, Summer)

Female Raccoon
(Central Park, May)

Spice Bush Swallowtail
(Inwood Park)

Pearl Crescent, Eib's Pond, Staten Island.

Silver-spotted Skipper, Eib's Pond, Staten Island.

Tiger swallowtail. Green Belt, Staten Island.

Bloodroot. Bloodroot valley, Staten Island.

Fishing for Striped Bass,
Staten Island

Oyster History, Staten Island

Seining for Riches. Conference House Park. Staten Island

The Bottom of the Harbor. Arthur Kill, Staten Island

The trouble with cormorants. Arthur Kill, Staten Island

Dazzling butterfly seeks nutritious nectar, Eib's Pond, Staten Island

Snapping Turtles,
Eib's Pond

Female Blue Dasher, Eib's Pond

Musk Turtles,
Eib's Pond

Black Crowned Night Heron Nestling (Hoffmann Island, August)

Goldenrod Flowers
(Mt. Loretto, September)

Caterpillar of an Io Moth
(Mt. Loretto, September)


Halloween Pennant
(Eib's Pond, June)

Blue Dasher (Eibs Pond, June)

Snapping Turtle (Eibs Pond, June)

Seajelly (Great Kills Park, August)

Praying Mantis
(Mt. Loretto, September)

Spotted Salamander,
Palisades, NJ

Wood frogs,
Palisades, NJ

Images by Valerie Druguet

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